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Brea and Lev steered the skimmer to the center of the lake, away from the fishermen on the docks and the children swimming in the shallow shores.  The speedboat shuddered to a half, bobbing in the crystal blue water.
"I can't believe you've never been swimming on the surface!" Lev cried out.  "In Mother Nature's own waters!"
"Well, I have swam in the underground hot springs.  If that's not 'Mother Nature's own waters', I don't know what is!" Brea replied defensively.
"Nothing like the surface.  You'll see.  Cool, clear aqua as far as the eye can see."  With that, Lev tore his shirt off and dove into the water with a whoop.
Brea hesitantly looked over the edge of the boat.  She could see straight down to the pebbled bottom.  A small school of fish swam under the vessel.  Real live fish! she couldn't help but exclaim mentally.  She slowly undressed to her swimsuit before sitt
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Mars Ain't So Bad
Aspen glided gracefully around the frozen pond, skating circles around her brother, Korin.  She had to admit, this vacation wasn't nearly as bad as she'd thought it would be.  Who'd have thought she'd be ice skating on Mars?  Even the village wasn't nearly as "pastoral" as she'd been led to believe.  It was more quaintly European and - though she'd never say as much to her parents - thoroughly enjoyable.  She didn't even mind being disconnected from her tech that much.
Korin wobbled on his skates, then grabbed on to Aspen's arm.  "How do you stay balanced on these things!?" he asked.  Several of the locals, used to skating around the frozen ice caps of their home, politely hid smiles, while others offered tips.
Aspen took pity on him and said, "Here, grab my shoulders and I'll tow you around the pond a few times."
By their third lap, Korin had relaxed slightly, and was laughing, "Hey, this is pretty fun!"
"Ready to l
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There once was a big giant squid,
Who needed to borrow some quid.
So he stole a huge tank,
And robbed an old bank,
And ran away - well really he slid.
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'Settling Down'
The cozy tavern nestled in the hillside was well protected from the driving, frigid rain.  It was close enough to the city to be convenient to its clientele, but far enough away to still feel wild.  Though the faux-wooden planks of the exterior quickly became drenched, the patrons inside were warm and dry.  The sound of dripping rain was drowned out by the clink of glasses, the laughter of friends, and above all, the music floating from the sensescreen.
Jon stood nearby it, his beer in his hand, and summoned his friends over.  "Gentlemen!  Come check this out!"  The young men dutifully gathered around him.  "OK, guys, you are simply not going to believe this.  I have figured out how to control the music bot.  As you can see, I am perfectly tranquil, which should logically produce azure waves and soothing music.  Observe with awe as I force this machine to issue forth some truly 'ridiculo
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Deep in the swamps, a solitary house stood out, brightly lit in the deep shadows.  A simple wooden settlement, overgrown with vines and moss, most people would think of it only as a leftover from the old days.  Before everyone lived in the cities, it was every man for himself.
Small things could tell you it was still inhabited.  Carefully cultivated luminescent flowers lit a twisted path to the cottage.  The lights inside could just be solar-powered remnants from years gone by - but sharp eyes would notice the scrupulously clean windows through which they gleamed.  The creek that burbled past the house had a fishing net hung in it, and the bird feeders in the trees were full.  Yes, someone certainly lived here.
All this reassured Frey as Azar lead her towards the house and up its steps.  Now the only worrying thing was what type of person would choose to live out here.  When Azar had told her about t
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Hunter and Hunted
If one wasn't accustomed to looking up, it would be easy to miss the city in the tops of the forest canopy.  Platforms wedged in the crooks of tree branches were shaded by the leafy cover, yet camouflaged to the untrained eye.  Even if one spotted the residents of Skymeadow, they would be easy to dismiss as playful monkeys racing around the well-disguised rope bridges.  And that was exactly how they wanted it.  Those who were welcome already knew, and those who weren't wanted never would.
The treetops were silent that night except for the usual animal chatter, and the footsteps of one girl running from level to level.  Treya continually looked behind her with panic in her eyes.  Beads of sweat began to form on her forehead and upper lip.  The cottages of the outer platforms passed in a blur.  She ducked into a small alleyway and cautiously peered out as her pursuer ran pat.
She tiptoed out and went back the
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Skeleton Key
Chivida rushed out the door at Keal's signal.  Time to go hacking again.  She had endured the month-long torture of lockdown and early curfews after the last time her mother caught her sneaking out.  Well, to be fair, she was allowed out, just not with Keal.  And without him, there was nothing fun to do.
But tonight, they could return to their little project.  She couldn't wait to see what progress he had made on the nights she couldn't go.  They nonchalantly walked the short distance to the nanofactory; no sense in alerting the street monitors by running.  As they reached the gradually reclaimed building, Chivida immediately noticed something new.
There was a small, white lock on the chains holding the door shut.  "My own creation," Keal said with a wink.  He pulled two white keys out of his pocket.  "Made one for you too," he added, passing one of them to Chivida.  "In
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Cold dirt to
Cold marble to
Cold steel.
Iron on iron,
Glass on glass,
Rising higher, ever higher
Higher than nature's best towers.
The ancient redwoods
And cold mountains of snow
Can't compare.
The crystalline shoot grows
As man "improves" on nature.
Silver leaves
Spiral, spiral,
Blocking out the sun,
With paltry greenery to liven them.
The cold, hard tower thrusts
Into the cold, hard sky.
Nature has been formed into
The aesthetic of tech;
A corset of alloys
Restricting her breath,
Her growth,
Her life.
The metal pierces her lungs.
Her breath grows sluggish.
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First Impressions
The kids are outside playing catch with their dad.  I'm inside, making lunch; because I cook for a living, meals usually fall to me.  I argued that the kids should be working on their science projects, but I was overruled - sometimes I think we spoil them too much.  I feel like the villain when I have to insist that schoolwork comes first, but there has to be some discipline to balance out my husband's laissez-faire parenting.
I'm concerned about his work picnic next week - families invited.  He's confident about it, but how will they react to us?  I've never been as sure as he is.  Maybe we could just stop by for a little while.  My concern is that that would be rude.  My husband's concern is that it would be running away and admitting defeat.  It's bad enough that we had to move to another state just to live the way we want to - I had wanted to leave the country entirely.
Another hateful radio p
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